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John Minnich

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Trusted and Strategic Executive Advisory

John Minnich, LLC is your trusted executive advisor and business coach. We advise business leaders on business performance and strategy.

WHAT WE DO: Specializing in strategy execution and business advisory, we partner with business leaders as your strategic executive advisor and business coach. We transform organizations through business advisory, CFO advisory, executive facilitation, and strategic planning.

OUR PROCESS: Through business advisory, we help you focus, clarify, and execute your strategic goals.

WHO WE SERVE: We partner with business leaders to create a strategic competitive advantage driving business value and growth.

+ Culture of growth
+ Innovative
+ Visionary
+ Open to constructive feedback

+ Current or aspiring executive leadership team member
+ Continuous growth mindset
+ Embrace innovative change
+ Open to constructive feedback
+ Committed yet balanced
+ Authentic and visionary
+ Open communication

WHY CHOOSE US: The process is really about you and your organization. We see ourselves as a catalyst to help you and your organization propel growth and greater success.


Business Advisory - Transform Your Operations
Advising Business Owners and Executives Helping You Achieve Organizational Excellence

CFO Advisory - Transform Your Business
Helping Benchmark and Improve Financial Performance

Executive Facilitation - Transform Your C-Suite
Facilitating C-Suite Sessions and Peer Groups to Enhance Teams

Organizational Strategy - Transform Your Future
Assessing Performance and Recommending Solutions to Improve Processes and Outcomes

Member Since: 2022
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